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Masport 8/0 Series 500

The Masport 8/0 Series 500 lawnmower features a strong alloy chassis. Powered by the new generation Briggs and Stratton 500E overhead valve engine, this is a serious choice for someone looking for a feature packed lawnmower at a very competitive price. This Masport lawnmower is Ideal for small to medium sized properties. Masport, a household name, has built a reputation for strength and reliability and this mower is a fine example of that. Papakura Lawnmowers will assemble, fuel, oil & test your new Masport mower. We also offer a free service after the initial hours of use. All this to ensure you get the best Value & performance from your new Masport 8/0 Series 500 lawnmower.

  • Briggs & Stratton 140cc 500E primer engine

  • 18" (460mm) cast alloy body

  • 8" front & rear wheels

  • Plastic Catcher with Full Indicator

  • Quad disc with flail blades

Masport 8 Series 500_edited.png
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