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Masport Crossjet 4WD Slope Mower

Masport Crossjet 4WD Ride-on mowers are perfect for demanding conditions such as neglected and rough terrain where traction can be compromised, for example, hills and slopes, undulations, sandy and wet conditions, where other mowers struggle. They will cut and mulch high grass, brush, blackberry, gorse, thistles, and most overgrown and out of control vegetation. The 92cm (36") cutting deck does not directly deflect cuttings from the side, therefore keeping paths, driveways, building, fences and gardens free from cut debris. 

  • Features a genuine U.S.A manufactured Vanguard Briggs & Stratton engine

  • Heavy duty steel cutting deck is designed to cut and mulch grass so it decomposes quickly.

  • The heavy duty solid steel blade carrier runs two swing back blades, these are made from hardened and tempered steel

  • These crossjets are able to mow through high grass as well as thick vegetation, gorse, brambles and generally overgrown areas

  • All the operational controls are ergonomically placed so everything is conveniently within a hand or foot touch away

  • Refined steering system which is easy to turn and resistance free, the steering ball allows the operator to turn quickly and precisely with one hand when required - improving reaction time and control

Masport Crossjet 4WD_edited.png
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