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Automower® Purchase and Installation Process

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  • We are your Husqvarna Automower authorised installation specialists

  • Contact us to express your interest

  • We will arrange a time to meet with you at your property to view. This is no obligation and free of charge.

  • We will provide you with a written quote including a map of your property.

  • Quote accepted and installation date arranged.

  • Installation is complete.

Making Contact


Phone: 021 246 1927 OR 09 298 5670


We will need to get some contact details from you, name, address, email and telephone number. A few questions will be asked about your lawn but we do not expect you to know the exact size or the gradient of slopes so no need to worry if you are unsure about this.  This is also your chance to ask us any questions about Robot Lawnmowers. We can arrange the site visit during this call as well if you wanted.


Site Visit / Survey

Some of this may be done via satellite mapping.  Our technician will spend as much time as necessary to explain how the robot mower could help you, how it would operate, and a rough plan will be formulated of how the installation will look and how it will work.  

Our installation team will answer all of your questions at this point plus any subsequent queries by telephone or email.  We ensure that the robot lawn mower will be compatible with your garden, and you know what will happen and what you will get.

Once we understand your needs, and you understand what the robot can do for you, we will design an installation that works – our technicians have extensive experience of many garden scenarios.

The Quotation

Once we have gathered the information we require we then provide a written quotation; this will include our recommendation for suitable machines, a price for each, including installation. We may also list accessories that you might want as well as any recommendations for changes to your lawn to make a Robot Lawnmower work more efficiently.

From here on, the ball is in your court – there will be no pressure to purchase.  If and when you decide an Automower is for you, an install date will be agreed. Payment in full will be required before installation.

The Installation Process

  1. To make sure your lawn is ready for an install you will need to cut and collect the grass if its longer than 10cm.

  2. It is also advisable to have a look around to see if you have any holes or hollows that need filling in.

  3.  We will supply the following once we have received payment in full for the Husqvarna Automower and installation costs.

Installing the Charging Station

The charging station must be positioned with a great deal of free space in front of it (at least 3 metres) and at least 1.5 metres of clear space on each side. It should also be centrally placed in the working area to make it easier for the Husqvarna Automower to reach all areas in the working area. The charging station needs to be placed on level ground. Approximately three quarters of the length of the charging station will be required to lay on the grass edge.

Connection of the Power Supply


Take the following into consideration when planning where to place the outdoor power supply:

• Close to the charging station
• Protection from rain
• Protection from direct sunlight

The low voltage cable for the power supply is 10 metres long, and may not be shortened or extended. A longer low voltage cable is available as optional accessory.
It is not allowed to connect the power supply directly to the charging station. The low voltage cable must always be used.

Installation of the Boundary and Guide Wire

For large areas, we use a cable laying machine to bury the wire into the ground. The wire is buried approximately six centimetres into the ground. Pegs will be used to secure any exposed wire. After 2 – 3 weeks, you will notice the wire will start to disappear into the ground.

Once the installation is complete, we will show you how to press start on the Automower, all relevant settings and we will assist you to connect the Automower to the Autoconnect app (if applicable) on your smart phone.


Then you can sit back, relax and let the Husqvarna Automower do all of the work!


We will be available during working hours for after sales support 7:30am Monday – Friday and Saturday 8am – 12pm excluding public holidays.

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